Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Children's Centre?

Children's Centres were conceived in order to support local communities with activities, advice and information and family support close to the family home. We try our best to do and we work closely with other local services such as Health and Home Start and others to be able to better support families. 

Every children's centre is a little bit different as they adapt to meet the community there are working with but all run a timetable of activities and events designed to suit local families.


What goes on?

We offer activity sessions such as 'Play and Stay' when parents and carers bring their young charges to play and make friends with others in our multipurpose room or garden. We have a range of facilities and resources available for adults and children. 

We also run weekly sessions of 'ActivTots' from StainesLeisure Centre on a Friday mornings during termtime.

Who can go there?

The Children's Centre is for all families with young children in the area and we will be offering support and advice on the whole range of issues that affect families. Some of our sessions will be aimed at particular groups of people - young mums, those with new babies,  - and there will also be times when there is no session running but you are welcome to drop in and chat over a cup of tea in a quiet and calm environment.

Can I leave my child?

We do not offer a childcare facility - your children are your responsibility whilst on the premises. However, occasionally a course may be offered with a creche facility provided. These details will be given at the time the course is advertised.

How much does it cost?

We aim to be accessible to as many people as possible but in order to be sustainable we need to have some income! We  therefore request donations of £1 per session at the centre and £3 per family atActivTots. We have a donations box where you can place all contributions but no-one will be turned away for not contributing.


Can I bring older children?

Generally our sessions will be for children under 5 years as that is what our equipment and resources are geared to, but keep checking our programme as something may come up where we will welcome older children. During school holiday time and at weekends we welcome children up to the age of eight but please bear in mind that  the majority of our resources are aimed at under fives.